The Fire Denyer – Stop Fires from Starting

How it Works

how the Fire Denyer works

What Happens?

When any one of the smoke detectors detects smoke from any source, all smoke alarms activate and the power is cut to the protected circuits. Flashing Alerters, if fitted, activate as does the Waking Vibrator. Power remains cut to the protected circuits until the system is re-set.


There are three simple control buttons on The Fire Denyer® Controller:

  • ‘Hush’. This silences the alarms and turns off the Flashing Alerters and Waking Vibrator.
  • ‘Reset’. This button resets the system, restoring power to protected circuits.
  • ‘Test’. This button allows the owner to check that the system is connected and operating correctly. It cuts power to the protected circuits, sounds alarms (and activates Flashing Alerters and Waking Vibrators if fitted). To restore power to the circuits, press the Reset button.


  • Proven to Stop Fires Starting

About 40% of household fires start from unattended cooking, for example, a pot of oil on the stove overheats, smokes and then ignites. When the source of heat is cut as soon as smoke is detected, a devastating fire can be prevented. The Fire Denyer® cuts off the source of heat within seconds. Tests show the time between smoke and ignition is about seven minutes.

The Fire Denyer® System has the following additional benefits:

  • Reliable
  • Best full household smoke detector alarm warning system
  • All smoke detectors are interconnected and sound simultaneously
  • Cost effective
  • No batteries to replace
  • One central controller
  • Simple to operate
  • Always ‘on’ – no need to remember to set when leaving the house
  • Easy and simple to test
  • Can be interfaced with security alarm and other fire alarm systems
  • Adaptable for special needs
  • Saves your life
  • Saves your family
  • Saves your home

In a Nutshell
The Fire Denyer® stops 40% of fires starting and gives you the best
possible warning of the other 60%